Breakfast (And Boys) In Bed

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Janice is in for a surprise when she wakes up in the morning after her tryst with Jason. His roommate Mike seems to be in bed with them, and neither of them are paying any attention to her. Now she needs to decide whether she’s creeped out or turned on. Either way, at least Mike cooks a mean breakfast…

Excerpt –

She wasn’t stupid. It was obvious enough what they were thinking about. The only question was, how far was she willing to go?
She licked a bit of jam from her fingers, and considered the situation. They were both good looking guys. She was already naked and was one hundred percent planning to be with Jason again. What to do about Mike? She felt like he’d just get up and leave without any questions if she told him to. But what did she want?
Definitely not to go home and ponder what might have happened if she hadn’t grabbed the chance. This felt like one of those situations.
She rolled her eyes again.
“Fine, okay,” she said.
Jason raised his eyes in exaggerated confusion.
“Fine what? What do you mean?”
She stole another swig of orange juice from his glass and thumped it down on the tray.
“You want to play games or what? I said okay.”
Jason and Mike exchanged looks.
“I like how direct you are,” Mike said. “No messing around.”
He stood up, and his sweat pants were definitely showing the outline of his manhood again. He must have been really hoping she would say yes.
He took the tray and put it down over in a corner of the room, and then stood at the foot of the bed, looking at the two of them.
“We’re both naked already,” Jason said. “Your turn.”

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